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Consumers want to understand and express themselves and their place in society. They also understand that each person has specific needs. And for that, they are expecting more out from marketers.

Consumers are challenging the status quo, moving away from the rigid definitions of race, gender, and sexuality, and choosing a more self-defined, fluid approach to identity. Consumers also understand that each person has specific physical needs. They are expecting more out from marketers. Consumers like to be linked to communities to decrease feelings of loneliness and isolation, but also to be sustained in their choice, better define their identity in specific food routines or specialize their habits through data analyses online. With a move to greater inclusivity, consumers will no longer want to be told what they should look like. Instead, they will want control over how they look and which part of their body to improve.

Consumers will continue to demand more inclusivity in the products they buy in order to feel empowered and express themselves through their beauty routine.


Consumers are comfortable expressing themselves and expect brands to meet and respect their unique demands.


Heritage: Cultural identity, connection with a location, within certain ethnic group will become more and more important.


Community: create kind of platform (virtual) community to help each other. Consumer values are becoming identity traits rather than preferences: feeling part of a group will create a sense of affiliation.

Trending topic

Looking to social media conversation, we interestingly find similar consumer needs showing this high interest for IDENTITY, with more than 29 millions of mentions on social media.

Key words on social media: Personalization, State, First sight, Image, Identifity, Playing, Website, Community, Love

Key Hashtags: #identity #wei #first_sight #personalizedbeauty #transform #dataprotection

Consumers are looking for personalized solutions answering their specific needs; they are also looking for community platforms to exchange on similar topics and be part of a group as an individual.

Which direction for brands

Offer more inclusive images and messaging appealing to the authenticity consumers, who crave and align their purchases with their identity.


Propose subtle gender labels: Gender and sexual identity fluctuate as teens challenge the meanings and traditional constraints of these concepts.


Create new relationships with customers, and enable those customers to feel a new sense of freedom.


Consumers view their purchases as an expression of their identity > find ways to integrate into the process of consumers' identity exploration, celebrating the freedom of consumer choice.


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