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Consumers are seeking out experiences that pique and stimulate the senses for a variety of reasons, including relaxation, boosted efficacy or simple enjoyment.

Consumers want to seek and discover stimulation in their daily life. They are looking for true and different stimulation of the senses, perceive both relaxation and efficacy, and experience the pleasure of product use. They want something new, playfulness in all aspects of their life, and rather enjoy things instead of just owning them. Thus, digitalization and personalization will be very important to support.

Consumers are valuing convenience, home delivery, uninterrupted supply, discovery and experience being served. In nutrition, consumers changed their habits where and how to shop. The buying behavior has seen a huge shift towards online retail. Traditional education routes become immaterial as consumers prioritize their own happiness and wellness and explore new pathways to education and career. E-sports also rise to the top as one of the most lucrative entertainment markets.

In beauty, consumers are looking for online experience, for personalization and creativity.


A desire of adventure, to try new experiences: consumers want playfulness in all aspects of their life.


Pleasure is a part of experience: finding more joy in experiences than material possessions (focus on all senses).


Find new experience in the product itself, the way to use it, to recycle it, to interact, but also experience in terms of discovery.

Trending topic

Looking to social media conversation, we interestingly find similar consumer needs showing this high interest for EXPERIENCE, with more than 2 millions of mentions on social media.

Even if we think that playing games is not an interactive way of living, digitalization is becoming today a norm whatever the age, the reason, the need. This is quite useful in our daily life and even more during loneliness, to keep interaction with external world.

Key words on social media: customer experience, network, innovation, services, digital

Key Hashtags: #customerexperience #ai #marketing #customerservice #digitaltransformation #technology #augmentedreality #personalization

Using the same vocabulary and targeting final consumers with impactful hashtags and key words will assure better communication and higher visibility on social media.

Which direction for brands

The opportunity for brands doesn't exist with simply selling a wellbeing product or service to consumers, but rather reminding them of the value in their own internal curiosity and the power of trying something new.


Make brand attractive and interactive: use augmented reality to enjoy technology / VR.


Create new relationships with customers, and enable those customers to feel a new sense of freedom.


Explore new pathway to experience happiness: Help consumer to relax, destress and be mindful.


Experience to make your choice by something emotional, different, memorable.

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