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Innovating Products that protect Natural Resources

Nature is at the heart of what we do, and caring for natural resources is one of our core responsibilities. That is why we develop innovative products, focusing on renewable resources and organic farming practices, preserving biodiversity and forests, while aiming for transparency and traceability of our botanical sourcing. 

Already Active for nature

Charlotte from our bioactives team shares insights into the first strategic pillar of our Responsibly Active program. This is where you can find out more about how we plan on doing our part in protecting nature and the natural ecosystems in our botanical sourcing – and why organic farming plays such a vital role.

Our key actions

For the implementation of our Responsibly Active program, we are focusing on the following key actions:

  • Prioritize certified organic sources for new developments
  • Drive organic agricultural practices with suppliers
  • Reformulate existing products with bio-based adjuvants/solvents
  • Enable a proof-based traceability system that tracks each delivery all the way to the source

In progress

With our new program, we are not starting from scratch. In fact, we have already achieved some significant milestones in the past few years (status 2021):

  • More than 40 actives 100% from natural origin
  • More than 82 preservative-free actives
  • 100% RSPO Mass Balance certified
  • More than 25 organic certified sources

Actives Product Finder

Our BASF Supplier Code of Conduct and our botanical supply chain sourcing policy for our active ingredients promote the principles of traceability and transparency, sustainable use of resources, the preservation of ecosystems, and the respect and involvement of communities in all our supply chains.

Supplier Code of Conduct

Argan Traceability Tool

A new digital tool helps us monitor local sourcing of argan oil. It collects detailed batch tracking data on the harvesting of the fruit, the crushing of the nuts and the processing of the oil, thus ensuring full traceability. Providing easily accessible, reliable data, the tool also helps to facilitate the fair-trade certification process of this complex supply chain, for example, by measuring the contribution of income from argan activities to a fair living wage.

Already active

Product Highlight


This Majoram leaves extract is 100 percent made in France. To improve supply chain reliability and traceability, we started organic cultivation with a local partner in the Rhône-Alpes. Early forecasts and annual commitments on price and volumes ensure planning security for both sides.

Product Highlight

Collrepair® DG

Our anti-ageing active ingredient Collrepair® DG is a complex containing organic certified Salvia leaves from Vietnam. By privileging organic farming over wild harvest, we ensure protection of the resource and local biodiversity. Harvest and maintenance of the field are done manually.

Product Highlight


In an ambitious sustainable sourcing project initiated in 2014, we are utilizing by-products of organically farmed rambutan fruits as feedstocks for active ingredients. The program respects the needs and interests of local ecosystems as well as smallholders and workers. Nephydrat®, an extract from the spiny fruit peel, is one of three actives derived from this program.

Meet our heroes

  • Jean Pascal, Majoram Supplier for Dermagenist™

    The implementation of a specific organic cultivation of Marjoram requires practices that are more gentle and much more integrated into the natural cycle. We have setup a cultivation process with end-to-end traceability from the field to the delivery at BASF. For marjoram we can guarantee complete traceability thanks to authentication and securing of botanical species, grower plots and methods, and responsible post-harvest processing with a batch numbering system.

  • Khan, Rambutan Garden Owner

    I am very proud that our Rambutan garden is the first organic certified one in Vietnam. The dedicated Rambutan project with BASF has made us even more aware of how important it is to preserve our land and to set up a rigorous monitoring system for our practices. Thanks to long-term commitment, fair partnership and the valorization of the non-edible parts of the tree, we can create a positive economic and environmental impact.

  • Han, Salvia Supplier for Collrepair® DG

    Our organic cultivation of Salvia Miltiorrhyza contributes to long-term economic progress in respect of the environment and the natural ecosystem. Instead of unregulated wild harvesting, which endangers natural resources and local ecosystems, we privilege farming with manual harvesting and field maintenance. I’m convinced that our success will also contribute to making organic cultivation in Vietnam more popular.

  • Philippe, Raw Material Sourcing & Extraction Manager, BASF

    For more than 25 years, we have been taking sustainability further, where value creation otherwise ends: From the pressed moringa seedcakes – the oil extraction’s waste – we obtain highly effective bioactives. This upcycling creates added value without consuming additional resources. Sourcing is made even more sustainable thanks to the conversion to organic farming. It ensures the use of organic manure, among other things, and thus conserves soil fertility. So, the “wonder tree” really lives up to its name!

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