Everlasting Beauty

Looking young, attractive and healthy is becoming increasingly important to people of all ages

The aging process varies considerably among individuals,depending on factors such as lifestyle, geographic area, environmental influences and genetic predisposition. Besides, skin or hair demands may vary significantly from one person to the next, independently of age. For this reason, BASF has developed a flexible personal care program that focuses on three fundamental anti-aging actions: prevention, maintenance and correction.

The three well-designed formulation sets of BASF’s “Everlasting Beauty” concept can help consumers to identify their individual anti-aging focus and develop their personal beauty routine.

Formulation Examples

Prevention – Beautiful Day

All-round Face Cream

The light all-round face cream is easily applied and distributes well on the skin. It is quickly absorbed and leaves the skin with a velvety after-feel.The emulsion is mainly formed by two high-performance products: the multi-functional and self-emulsifying polymer Cosmedia® SP provides a light and creamy texture, while Eumulgin® SG further emulsifies and stabilizes the formulation. A combination of rich and caring natural-based oils such as passionflower oil Cegesoft® PFO in conjunction with high-spreading emollient Cetiol® CC fulfills the demands of the spreading cascade and results in a well-balanced skin feel. BASF’s “Beautiful Day” all-round face cream formulation provides UVA/UVB protection to prevent skin aging and harmful effects caused by sun light. The well-composed sun filter system comprises the photo-stable UVA filter Uvinul® A Plus which is complemented by the UVB filter Uvinul® MC 80. The system is completed with the broad-spectrum UV filter Tinosorb® S Aqua which can be incorporated in the water phase to leave the oil phase more flexible. The contained effect pigments Chione™ HD Digital Pink and Chione™ HD Metric Violet intensify the perception of youthfulness thanks to illuminating effects of the pearls on the skin. The incorporated active Collguard™ is an extract of Davilla Rugosa. It is capable of protecting collagen against glycation and free radicals. It encourages the protection of collagen, while ensuring its optimum functionality and organization to improve the skin’s complexion and firmness. Thus, BASF’s “Beautiful Day” formulation is the ideal ally to prevent youthful and healthy skin against early signs of aging. 

Formulation SC-FR-12-001-A014

Maintenance – Bright Eyes

Anti-wrinkle Eye Care Serum

When the first signs of aging become visible it is time to focus on the delicate skin areas surrounding the eyes in order to effectively counteract these effects.  Very tenderly applied, this light eye care serum first provides a cooling effect and is then quickly absorbed. It leaves the skin well-cared for, provides a nourished after-feel and does not creep into the eyes. The emulsifier system used is a combination of the strong, high-performance emulsifier Eumulgin® SG with APG-based Eumulgin® VL 75, which is especially suitable for liquid systems. The sensorial wax Cutina® PES contributes to the velvety after-feel. The formulation concept is completed by precious vegetable oils, like the golden Cegesoft® GPO that is used as an emollient and natural colorant in this formulation. Myoxinol™, a strong antioxidant active ingredient extracted from hibiscus seeds, smoothes out mimic expression lines. 

Formulation SC-DE-12-108-9

Correction – So Delicious!

Anti-Aging Body Butter

Body butters are expected to pamper the skin and indulge it with an extra care treatment. BASF’s intensive and elegant body butter “So Delicious” offers exactly these benefits: moisturizing, comforting, firming and repairing effects that perfectly meet the needs of mature skin. The formulation has a pleasant pick-up, can easily be distributed on the skin and leaves it feeling velvety but not oily. The emulsifier base is the combination of Emulgade® PL68/50 and Eumulgin® SG, which support the formation of lamellar structures and is therefore ideal for use in biomimetic concepts. The polymers Rheocare® XG and Cosmedia® SP contribute to the light and elegant texture of the body butter. The emulsion concept is completed by a well-balanced selection of rich emollients like Cegesoft® VP, our vegetable alternative to petrolatum, and the dry emollient Cetiol® CC.  Proteasyl™ is a pea extract which, in addition to its anti-elastase effect, stimulates most of the components of the dermis and dermo-epidermal junction. It improves the skin’s elasticity and firmness. Therefore, the “So Delicious” body butter also supports anti-aging corrective actions on other body parts than face and neck. 

Formulation SC-FR-12-001-G007