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Apr. 14, 2015

New generation of micronized UV filters to be introduced in Australia

  • Highly efficient protection against UVAII and UVB radiation
  • Unique absorbance spectrum increases SPF performance
  • Available in Europe, currently pending Therapeutic Goods Administration approval in Australia


Apr. 13, 2015
Press Release

in-cosmetics 2015: BASF puts a spotlight on sensorial experience and presents new solutions

  • BASF aims to collaborate with customers to develop products with sensory profiles that appeal to different consumer archetypes
  • New products and formulations offer a strong performance and appealing sensory properties
  • Visitors of the booth are invited to multisensory “journeys”


Apr. 13, 2015
Press Release

BASF’s “Skin Care Polymers Toolbox” enables tailormade solutions for the skin care market

  • Toolbox helps customers to choose the most suitable polymer for their individual skin care solution



  • Make Up in New York

    New York, USA

    May 3-4, 2015
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