Personal Care

BASF offers one of the most comprehensive ingredients portfolios in the personal care industry.

It is designed to meet the customers’ needs in the Hair Care, Sun Care, Skin Care, Color Care, and Body Care markets. The high quality product range includes surfactants, emulsifiers, polymers, emollients, cosmetic active ingredients, pigments, UV filters, thickeners, protein products, lipid layer enhancer. BASF constantly strives to anticipate the requirements of the personal care market and create innovative products for the sustainable development of the industry.

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Market Segments

Hair Care, Sun Care, Color Cosmetics, Body Care, Facial Care, Oral Care, AP/DEO

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Product Groups

Actives, Cationic Products & Conditioners, Lipid Layer Enhancer, Opacifiers, Pearl Shine Concentrates, Waxes, Performance Wax Dispersions, Protein products, Thickeners, Chelating Agents,
UV Light Stabilizers, Excited State Quenchers, Humectants/
Hydrotropes, Emulsifiers and Cream Bases, Solubilizers, Polymers, Solvents, Emollients, Surfactants, Neutralizers, Hair Dyes, Pearlizing and Consistency Waxes

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Coloring, Conditioning, Shampoo, Styling, Baby Care and Cleansing, Body/Hand Care, Liquid Soap, Shower/Bath Products, Face Care, Face Cleansing, Color Care, After Sun, Self-tanning, Sun protection, Antiperspirants/Deodorants, Wet Wipes, Toothpaste/Mouthwash

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Trade Names

Luviskol®, Luviquat®, Luvigel®, Uvinul®, Tinosorb®, Pluracare®, Cremophor® and others

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Care Creations

The real needs of people can’t be found in a laboratory. That’s why we get our inspiration where these needs can be found — in real life.

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Sunscreen Simulator

Although we do research in the real world to be inspired by life, there is nothing more practical than a good theory, just like the BASF Sunscreen Simulator, the virtual lab that makes real-life calculations to quickly test your sunscreen formulations.

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Skin Care Forum

Skin Care Forum provides information about various topics for
the cosmetics industry including the composition, structure and efficacy of cosmetic products, new developments in the area of active ingredients...

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